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Fri Mar 28 13:14:29 EST 2003

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> The leather sport seats in my '86 Quattro are worn and split at the seams.
>  Particularly on the driver's side outer thigh bolster. My local junkyard
>  a few cars with good passenger's side seats. Does anyone know if the inner
>  side thigh bolster from a passenger side seat can be swapped for the outer
>  side of the driver's seat?

Hi Tom,
I've done all this swapping and repairing and wrote it down.

If you're finding exc condition leather pass seats, grab all the covers and
bolsters that you can.  Why spend big bucks to repair when you can get for
reasonable from the yard?  Keep 1-2 spares for yourself and sell the others.
After you clean the leather, you can easily redye it(if it needs this).

Bottom line: seat bottom cushions and covers are identical; seat back
bolsters are identical, seat back covers differ only in the placement of the
hole for the adjuster gear.  You can easily and tastefully patch this.

Go here for all the info you need to easily swap those pass side seat covers
and bolsters to the driver side.


Jan Pinkowish
'85 4ksq
Bristol, CT

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