5-cyl, 20V vs 6-cyl in an Audi 90.

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Fri Mar 28 19:57:59 EST 2003

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Ahh, ok, I see, well my statements still apply to engine swaps.  If its
between a T89 20v and a B4 90 I think there are more factors to consider than
the motor...realistically they are both about the same accelaration, withing
a few ticks of each other.  The B4 chassis is much nicer and refined, its
quite a different car all together.


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audi at humanspeakers.com writes:

> >I'll put in my usually strong opinion(IMUSO?)...if this post is regarding
> >swapping in a 7A 20v motor or the 12v V6.
> Naw, he was gonna buy a car that already came wiht one or the other.
> >The purpose of an engine swap is to end up with significantly
> >more power
> That might be one reason... I was thinkin' of putting a 4 cyl 1.6 in the
> Coupe, though, to get significantly better fuel economy for after the
> gas tax to pay for the war kicks in.  Oh, wait....

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