no air thru dash vents?

scott thomas scott at
Sat Mar 29 15:39:18 EST 2003

I just finished doing my heater core and blower motor r&r on my
200q. Job went well and quick, except for the fact that I can't get
any air from the dash vents anymore. Only from the windshield.

Here's the list of facts:
The box did go back together ok, and I did check for the movement of
all of the flaps controlled by the motor. They move. I have checked
the pass side vacuum servo. I really can't get my fingers well
enough in there to actuate the linkage. The drivers side servo has a
couple of peculiarities: one-the black vac line leading to it was
broken, don't know for how long, but there was no evidence it was
done now. Next, I checked it for motion while visually inspecting
the flap it controls through the 90 degree duct next to it. The
range of motion appears to be limited. The servo doesn't appear to
go through it whole travel and the flap doesn't seat and close the
duct all of the way.

I hope all of this info is helpful in getting some kind of
diagnosis. I wonder if I have to take everything out again to reset
the flaps? Which flap controls wether the air comes through the dash
or the windshield? Any help in this is appeciated.


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