Cheaper MAF sensor source??

urq urq at
Sat Mar 29 21:22:51 EST 2003

... any idea what's causing it to foul???  The system is supposed to burn
off any accumulated grunge after the car is shut down ... have you checked
to see if this is working properly?

I had heard that there are outfits which rebuild MAFs ... I don't have any
names of vendors or direct BTDT ... but if you know yours is bad you may be
able to save a little this way.

... of course you could always go the way I just did ... just picked up my
brand new PT engine last night ... for about what you'd be quoted for four
MAFs I got a complete engine ... with a new MAF.  I know its a bit radical,
but the guy I got my engine from had a couple brand new 12V V6s as well ...

Good luck!
Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)
> Well, after over a year of achieving great results (meaning a normally
> engine) by cleaning the once fouled MAF sensor on my '95 90Q V6, I'm once
> starting to see failures from it.  Additional cleaning only has a moderate
effect so
> it seems like it might be time for a new one.  Fortunately it's one of the
> jobs I could imagine to replace it, but the price of new ones is
outrageous.  Does
> anyone have any recommendations (or spares) on where I can get a
reasonably priced
> one?  Is there another application with the same sensor that would be
> dollars?

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