diff locks

Troy Kellogg cdi at softhome.net
Sun Mar 30 22:31:33 EST 2003

Thanks to everyone for the replies on the instrument cluster. I have
been trying to bring an 86 4KQ back to life. The project has gone smooth
so far, a few minor problems but nothing serious (I hope). I do however
have one problem that I have not been able to figure out, when I turn
the diff lock to 2 the light in position 2 comes on but not 1, and
nothing seems to happen with the differentials. I have checked all of
the vacuum lines and they seem to be connected and in at least fair
condition, though I’m really not to sure where they connect to the diffs
themselves. The car sat for some time before I bought it last September.
The brakes were a bit rusty and the engine and transmission were both
caked with dirt and grease. A bit of engine cleaner, some water and lots
of scrubbing and the grime is gone. But  a lot of parts still need
Any Ideas or suggestions would be most welcome.
Thanks in advance, Troy

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