I think i broke a piston ring, what now? :-(

Britt Crowell britt at fortcollins.com
Mon Mar 31 00:31:57 EST 2003

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So my 1989 200 TQ started seriously smoking in Denver last night so I retri=
ved today and got it home on the trailer.
I assume that I have borken a piston ring(s). Its smoking very bad!!!! and =
its definately oil.
So for you grus out there, how should I attack this? I'm thinking easy way =
is to get the intake and exaust manfolds off, head, oil pan and fix the bro=
ken ring with out pulling the whole engine.
Or should I pull the whole engine and completely go though it?
The car has about 185K miles on it.
If i pull the engine should I do the clutch while im at it?
How much money and time am I looking at here?
Best place to get parts?
I'm some sure will bring up othere questions that I'm not aware of.
And also what could have really caused this? The engine does have the MAC10=
 and I'm running a 1.9Bar chip. I do drive it hard and I hit the fuel cut o=
ff last night too. I dont know why sometimes it does it and other times it =
dosen't. I really think its the MAC10 because the other car that box was in=
 would do it to some times.
Only had the car for about a year, and when I got it I had to fix the melte=
r wireing harness from the rad. fan.
???? a little help please ????



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