Cheaper MAF sensor source??

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Mon Mar 31 15:58:15 EST 2003

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> I can find one for ~$400 instead of the dealer's $512, but
> come on!  I'm wondering
> if the part comes coupled with the cast aluminum housing that
> makes it so expensive
> (similar Hitachi sensors from Ford & GM are sub $200 from the
> dealer though).
> Unless it's specifically calibrated to the housing, all I
> really need is the
> electronic component.  I can pull one from a salvage yard,
> but if they know what new
> ones cost I'm sure they'll charge $200 - I'd rather have the
> security of new for that kind of money.
> Thanks,
> Joel

Hi Joel, no need to pay too much for those V6 MAF's, they're only 60$ used
if you look around a little.

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