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Mon Mar 31 21:30:48 EST 2003

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On Mon, 2003-03-31 at 21:03, George Harris wrote:

> > The Left Rear caliper doesn't seem to be working.  The disc is all
> > rusty.  When the car is off the ground on four jackstands, and someone
> > pushes the brake pedal, the Left Rear wheel can be turned easily by
> > hand.  Do I have a bad caliper?
> I can't imagine a caliper being seized that bad unless it was sitting
> for a while and rusting. What about the proportioning valve. Can you
> test it by bleeding to find out if fluid is even being sent there?

This 4kq has been driven once in the past two years.  Does that
constitute "sitting for a while"?   ;-)

I bled the system and fluid flowed freely from all four caliper bleed
valves, so I'm fairly certain that there's no blockage or proportioning
valve problems.

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