tres cool 4k/4kq trunk light bar on German Ebay...MORE...

paul fernandes paulfern2000 at
Mon Mar 31 21:52:41 EST 2003

69 bucks for a used, cracked unit with orange on

I got a better one for ya....
I have a new center peice for the V8 ...for USD 66.40
I have been selling these for about three months now and I
have already sold some to Finland and Sweden where those
guys up there have modified them to fit there 4000's..

otherwise if you're going to buy one crack and used might
as well buy one new and cut it up yourself and you will
have it in red....

the link to the lights is below:

Paul Fernandes
(Luxembourg, Europe)

--- Jpinkowish at wrote:
> Her's the link:
> Note that the seller indicates there are 2 cracks.  Save
> and lighten the
> photo to better see the condition.
> Jan Pinkowish
> '85 4ksq
> Bristol, CT

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