Timing Belt off a tooth??

Chris Semple chris at force5auto.com
Thu May 1 23:09:26 EDT 2003

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> Just a quick $.02.  I'D much rather do 1 chain, even
> if more difficult and costly than 3-5 belts.  This is
> just my opine, but I've also found well designed chain
> systems to be much more reliable and long lasting than
> belts.  My Dorf pickup (87 with 5.0) has about 540k on
> it and the motor is unopened.  I've been waiting for
> the timing chain to break for 8-10 yrs. now.  I have
> NO idea how it hasn't other than I've changed the oil
> about 1500 times and the miles are almost all highway
> with very steady and narrow rpm range (2800-3200).  Of
> course it will probably break tomorrow morning after
> this.
> Jim Accordino

Here's to the Fords :) My ole E350 hauler(5.8L) actually wore off a
distributor gear at 230k. Never seen that on an I5! 7A's excepted.

Chris Semple
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