I drove a Sport quattro yesterday

Per Lindgren lindgre at online.no
Fri May 2 18:21:21 EDT 2003

A fellow VW/Audi club member has bought a 1985 Sport q (#127), so when
he appeared at a local GTG yesterday, I (and 2 others) got to test drive
the beast. Never have I driven anything that even comes close to
describing it as a beast!

The car actually felt a bit gutless at low rpms. It was not far from the
feel in my regular Coupe when driving it between 1000-2000 rpms. But as
soon as you let the rpms continue past 3000, things started to happen.
And things happened fast! Let the rpms pass 4500 and all hell broke
loose! By 6500 rpms I found that it might be a good idea to find next
gear, but what amazed me the most was how fast the rpms climbed from
4000 to 6500, it felt like only fractions of a second. With me not being
experienced to this, the pressure had dropped quite a bit before next
gear was in place. The T27 is a mighty big snailhouse, so one should
work the levers and pedals pretty much to keep the pressure up, I guess.

The car felt really light and nimble, due to a very precise steering,
smaller (than my Coupe's) steering wheel, and the short wheelbase. The
brakes werent as grippy as I expected, but the owner assured me that was
because they were cold. The Bridgestone Potenza's sized 235/45R15 on the
stock Ronals also helped to keep it on the road.

All in all, I was left with a feeling of awe, this has always been my
favourite among Audis, and yesterday's experience didnt put that to
shame! Now, how much will it cost to make my Coupe into a Sport?

87 Cq (which felt pretty boring last night)

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