[urq] Re: Bosch spark plug deciphering

Mihnea Cotet mik at info.fundp.ac.be
Sun May 4 12:40:54 EDT 2003


The RR runs the F5DP0R plugs as all the 20vt's (except maybe the KW).



At 10:35 4/05/2003 +0100, Jim Haseltine wrote:

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>From: "Ti Kan" <ti at amb.org>
> > Brady Moffatt writes:
> > > Is a 7 a hotter plugs than a 6 in Bosch-speak?
> >
> > Yes.  The Bosch WR7DS for example, is a hotter plug than the WR6DS.
> > BTW, Audi specifies a "6" plug for the UrQ 10VT but a "7" for all
> > the type 44 10VT engines.  I wonder why the UrQ needs to run a colder
> > plug than the type 44?
>My docs say WR5DS for early WR engines (1981 model year) then W4DPO for
>later WR engines (can't find the break but they are listed in the 86
>handbook) and W7DTC for the MB engine.
>ISTR that the RR 20v uses a 7 plug too but the KW runs something really
>weird like a 3 or a 2.
>Jim Haseltine
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