86 4000

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Sun May 4 21:56:32 EDT 2003

tombin writes:
> Hello, i have an 86 4000 FWD with the 1.8L 8v.  I went to do a fuel
> pressure test, and could not locate the warm up regulator.  Should'nt it
> have a feed and return fuel line?  THe hayes manual says it does not.

Your car has CIS-E and does not use a warm up regulator (aka control
pressure regulator).  The function of that device (which is found in
CIS cars) is served by the differential pressure regulator under ECU

> Also, there is a piece in the upper right hand corener with 3 vacuum lines
> comming off of it.  what is this?

Upper right hand corner of what?  Maybe you're looking at the EGR valve?

> I have no been able to find a decent website that has a complete breakdown
> of the motor, could someone point me to a good website for this info?

The besy source of info is the Bentley service manual for your car.
Also, your engine is essentially the same as the VW Golf GTI and Jetta GLI
engine from the same vintage, just mounted in different orientation.

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