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Very good point!

Let's not forget that more H2O is better heat
transfer.....................contrary to street wisdom water is still the
best medium to move heat.

You all take care, now,

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>  > The cheap "green stuff" coolant should not be used.  That needs to be
>>  flushed out and replaced with the pink colored "G12" coolant available
>>  from any VW or audi dealer.  It should be mixed 50/50 with vapor
>  > distilled water.
>  >

At 10:15 PM -0400 5/4/03, Troy wrote:
>Does this hold true for all Audis?

NO!  Use the coolant that originally was designed for the vehicle.
Most older Audis use blue Pentosin; only newer Audis use the "pink
stuff".   Consult the owner's manual to be sure; it'll give the
correct part number and from that you'll know whether it uses the
blue or pink/red stuff.

Further, one need not hunt for "vapor distilled" water- deionized or
distilled(any method) is fine- you're just looking for very low
mineral content.  Additionally, not everyone should mix to 50/50.
Mix according to the temperature chart on the bottle, as 50/50
protects down to -37 C according to my Pentosin coolant bottle.  It
doesn't even remotely get that cold here in MA, so I mixed more like
1:2 (good for -20 degrees C).

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