90q coil-over kits, spring rates

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Mon May 5 15:56:39 EDT 2003

Jim, not sure about using the rear 4kq threaded tubes all the way around, I don't think that will work, you need a 55mm ID, check with GC to see if that's what they are.  8" spring is correct, the 280/240 combo works well, I'd say in your case, and even generally speaking, to reduce some of the push use the 280's all the way around, it makes for a much better turning car, I actually run stiffer in the back, but that's even what the Bennetts are doing these days.  Its especially true if you don't have a rear swaybar.

Overall the ride is pretty good, stiff but good, but in CO you may even want to consider 240's all the way around to soften it up.  At the minimum run your hight a little higher to prevent excessive bottoming.

I don't use a weld ring in the front, just press the collar right down on the weld bead for the front tierod-arm.


>Ok, I'm trying to be a cheep ass and put together my
>own kit from Ground Control.  I'll save $125 over 2B
>by doing it.  Here's what I think I know mostly from
>Nate's install.
>The 4kq kit will work on the 90q if you order two sets
>of the rear hardware since the 90q struts are the same
>diameter on all 4 corners vs the 4kq having slightly
>smaller front struts, right?
>The spring lengths should be the same right?  Ground
>control guessed 8" of the top of their head.
>Finally, what spring rates are people running? Is a
>progressive rate springs rated 280 front and 240 rear
>pretty standard?  I do live in CO so I can't have it
>too stiff, but also have a heavy rear-end due to the
>battery and stereo in the trunk.  I'd say it's an
>extra 100 lbs over normal.
>Jim Green
>'89 90tq 034EFI, Haltech IG5
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