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Mark L. Chang mchang at
Wed May 7 02:01:14 EDT 2003

Okay. Initiative is everything. Critical mass is another thing.

I'm undertaking the knowledgebase by myself.

We all want a knowledge base, as we all agree, searching the archives
can get a little tedious. I've proposed a system in the past, and got
much support for the idea, but very little got accomplished. It's hard
to get hundreds of people on the same page on how to proceed.

So, to this end, if anyone has any write-ups or tidbits of audi
knowledge to share with the world, send it directly to me via email. I
will incorporate this into the knowledgebase and give you full credit.
When there is "sufficient" knowledge in there, I'll unleash it to
everyone to see, and hopefully, there will be enough interest to take it
forward as a collective.

I see this as a many month effort, and undertake it happily. So, forward
me your atomic pieces of audi knowledge for posterity! It's your chance
to be famous!

For more information, read on.

Anyone can see (and contribute to) the work in progress. I'm not
*hiding* it.

I am utilizing a Wiki format for the knowledgebase. I like it, and
really don't feel like editing web pagaes by hand.

I will not edit knowledge bits for content. If ten people send me
information regarding brake jobs on the 5k, I'll put them all there.
I'll leave it to the masses (later) to figure out how to amalgamate them
all into one quality post.

The point of me doing this is not to be the one that does it, but it's
so that we can get critical mass so that it will become

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