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I also vouch for Waytek. I buy all my auto electrical stuff there. The only
problem is that they are not geared to the DIY people. You have to buy a
certain minimum. So, couple of times I ended up with too many of one item.
OTOH, you get really good prices and access to some stuff you can't find on
most places.



>From: james accordino
>To: audi list
>Subject: auto electricals source
>Date: Wed, 7 May 2003 05:28:32 -0700 (PDT)
>Lot's of traffic regarding lights, relays, harnesses
>etc. I spent quite some time searching for some
>specific items for my harness. I'm using 4 Bosch 40
>amp relays (p/n 75101) with the appropriate Amp
>connectors (p/n 31073). I got them from Waytek Inc.
>in Minnesota. Good service and
>prices. I just noticed their address- Quattro drive.
>Jim Accordino
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