Decent price for Timing Belt on NG?

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Wed May 7 13:23:16 EDT 2003

Interesting thing today!
Opened mine up to replace the belt and all the goodies and there is no idler
pulley on mine. (85 Urq)
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> I always replace the timing belt roller, cam and crank seals, water pump,
> coolant and drive belts.  3 hours sounds like fair time.  Most people
> will not replace the roller, but for an extra $30 it's cheap insurance
> Water Pump shouldn't add more than another $40-$50 to the job.
> David <duandcc_forums at> writes:
> > Car is my 87.5 CGT. It's time for the timing belt. The local wrench
> > said $150 labor (3 hours at my discounted rate of $50 per hour),
> > plus $20 for the belt. Water pump (if it is run off the belt, I will
> > replace at same time, if not, it will wait) not included. So we're
> > looking at $170 + tax out the door. Does this sound like a decent
> > price? Also, are there any other parts that ned to be done at the
> > same time as the timing belt? he didn't indicate any other parts...
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