Erasing Falt Memory '88 80Q

Wed May 7 17:19:15 EDT 2003

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OK,Re: Bently page D2-125-1 "Permanent Fault Memory, Erasing"
Can someone give me the correct procedure for doing this? I have a
'California Car" but from what I hear, all 88's were California Cars.

The Bently sez....

1. Insert fuse in top of fuel pump relay with ignition off
2. Turn ignition on
3. Wait at least 4 seconds and remove fuse
4. Repeat this step three times until indicator flashes code 4443. (OK, this
is the first place I get confused, when you 'repeat this step three times'
do you leave the ignition ON all the time? or do you go back to the beginning
each time and shut the ignition off?

Now without any other comment they say that ....

5. A signal should appear that comes on for 2.5 seconds, and goes off 2.5
seconds repeatedly .....(but if the indicator is already flashing 4443
something else has to be done to get it to flash on and off for 2.5 sec

6. Reinsert fuse in top of fuel pump relay
7. Wait at least 10 seconds then remove fuse
8. If the fault memory now stays on (they must mean OFF) continuously, you
have successfully cleared the fault memory.......BS!

Please help me with the correct procedure

Thanks, Jim

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