brought an s8 home today, wow !!!

David duandcc_forums at
Thu May 8 10:11:18 EDT 2003

Um, did you say $52,000 in repairs? Eek! Not sure I'd want it back, for that matter, not sure I'd feels safe driving it if you GAVE it to me. Something just doesn't sit right with being in a car that has had that much damage...

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> Date: 2003/05/07 Wed PM 05:31:40 EDT
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> Subject: brought an s8 home today, wow !!!
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> we got one at the shop, did about 52k in body repair to it, well we did half and the frame a8 shop did the other half. it was t boned pretty good, they said it was the hardest hit they have done !! but finnally got it drivable today, and im racking up some test miles. very nice power-wise, the tiptronic still and always will suck, its slow, and does not do what ya want it to when ya want it too, and the throttle by wire is lame on it too, it is slow, and the car starts out in second gear, and if ya floor it, it shifts to first, and takes off like a light switch, not very smooth. so all in the blink of the eye, your pulling away from a red light, mash the gas, car starts to roll, shifts from second to first, then full throttle kicks in, and bam !! your gone !!!                                                                     brian o'
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