the 80Q track Q's (redux)

Tessie McMillan tessmc at
Thu May 8 13:13:39 EDT 2003

Guys, please keep the discussion up! This is really helpful. And in case
you hadn't figured it out by now, I have been totally clueless as to why I
"need" to install "coilovers" anyway when I already have lowering
springs (which I interpret to be "coils"), plus struts (I think the
most recent ones are Boge). It sounds like springs specifically made for
"coilover" are of a different tensile strength and behave differently
under load, and similarly the shocks/struts are engineered differently to
behave differently as well? Is that right? At least that is what I
interpret from Javad and Jim's discussion.

I have not seen anyone comment on Carter's recommendation for Michelin
Pilot Sport Cups. After looking these up on Tire Rack (and nearly passing
out when I saw the price tag) they do look like a fabulous tire. I am
curious if anyone else has tried them. Most of my friends these days are
Alfa owners (and some old P-cars, RS replicars) and they run Kumho
Victoracer and Hoosier and I'm not too fond of either. (I will not tell
them you think their cars are good for ATF fluid.)

I guess this is now morphing into a "philosophy" question. I do need to
be careful about spending, and still have not figured out how best
to prioritize. I must buy tires, that's a given (since I don't have any,
and my street tires are punctured/patched). Power coming out of a corner
or starting from a stop is rather pathetic, but that need competes
with the desire to fix the tremendous body roll and pitching in cornering
and braking. Pacific Raceways has a good downhill/turn section which I
might as well use for planting corn as driving -- since all I do is plow
the ground there. So would it make sense to do new cam or fix suspension?
Then in watching your discussion I just realized my lower A-arm bushings
probably need to be replaced soon, too. They are stock. So the suspension
side just got more expensive.

Still looking to hear your thoughts and watch the discussion. Hope you
don't mind spending bandwidth on this.


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