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Iain Mannix mannix at
Fri May 9 17:01:18 EDT 2003

In autocrossland, the common feeling for the RA1, in a nutshell,

They suck for a long time.

IE, compared to a Hoosier or Kumho V700, they're not competitive.
However, they last a LOT longer.

Great track tire, IMHO, and you could drive it on the street.
Seems to be popular with IT people, but not so many who are
running at the front @ the ARRC.

Iain(only driven on them a few times, remind me of a Yokohama

On Fri, 9 May 2003, Tessie McMillan wrote:

> and Kumho v700): that is Toyo Proxes RA1. Here in Seattle area they only
> sell 'em at Les Schwab (the Falkens, btw, are only at Sears). Does anyone
> support the Toyo recommendation?
> Tess

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