86 4K Q - Turn Signals

Huw Powell audi at humanspeakers.com
Fri May 9 20:39:01 EDT 2003

> He could also use a dual filament bulb with the proper socket, and make
> it flash brighter, like so many US-spec cars have already. A wire
> spliced into the bumper signal light makes it a simple installation.

Per, while it is a great idea and in the abstract the simplest solution,
in reality it involves its own set of problems - for instance, when I
went to do this, among my rather large collection of ex-Audi spare
parts, there was no socket that would hold the 2 filament bulb *and*
connect neatly into the lens housing.

So one either plays with wires and relays, or gets a generic socket and
plays mostly with hacksaws, dremels, and epoxy.

The choice of solution will probably depend on the skill set of the
individual, I think.

I tend towards the relay solution because 1. I am comfortable with the
wiring design issues, and 2. I'm usually building a relay box to run the
headlights at the same time.

>>> Are the turn signals supposed to be the corner lights or the lights
>>> at the bottom front of the car?  My corner lights are just parking
>>> lights on my car and I want to switch them so the corner lights are
>>> the turns signals also, but the sockets are not right?  Anyone have a
>>> clue?
>> the signals are in the bumper only.
>> the corner lights are a single filament bulb in a two wire socket.
>> To make the corners signal as well, you run them off a relay triggered
>> by the difference between the signal wire and the parking light wire.
>> These are each grounded when off.
>> You might find something like how to wire this on my web site, but my
>> solutions may be more complicated than you need for other reasons.
>> Also, do a google search for "parkflash" or something like that.  Lots
>> of people do this on a lot of kinds of cars.

Huw Powell



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