CGT exhaust experiment to begin!

David duandcc_forums at
Mon May 12 13:37:13 EDT 2003

Well, one of the baffels in my center muffler broke and is rattling my teath out. The center muffler is the only one on the car , the rear was cut off and replaced with pipe a while back. So, now I need to replace the center muffler. So, the local exhaust shop is going to put a stright through glass-pack in place of the center muffler (NOT a riceyboy fartcan muffler, a Cherrybomb glasspack like I have on my '78 Impala). This will be the only silencer on the car. It will be: with single tip.  He told me that if I hate the way it sounds, he'll remove the glasspack and put on a standard center muffler at NO charge. So, onward with the experiment. I'll let you know the results...

1987 CGT Special Build 2.3
SE Virginia

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