V8 doesn't start after new timing belt

Zsolt zsolt1 at telusplanet.net
Mon May 12 15:41:44 EDT 2003

I am wondering if anyone experienced something similar...

I actually sold my car, which needed to have the timing belt done. It's
a 90 V8, with the 3.6 engine. They took the car to the shop to have the
belt changed and now it won't start.

Apparently there is no spark. They replaced a few ignition parts, but no
luck. They also claim that they cannot read the codes, although I never
had a problem with that before and the car has always started fine. I am
concerned that the shop managed to screw up the timing belt and that is
why it won't start, but of course, that is something they would never
admit to.

Thanks in advance,

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