rebuilt hydraulic pump

james accordino ssgacc at
Mon May 12 17:15:31 EDT 2003

The pumps do not contain a "bearing".  It is a babbit
type bushing.  It has a rotary scroll type groove and
is lubricated by hyd. fluid from the rear.  These do
wear, especially where excessive belt tension has been
applied.  I have mulled having the casting machined to
accept a thin needle type roller bearing, but have
defaulted to using other pump bodies with bushing that
don't show much/any wear.  I'm not sure if any/which
rebuilders replace the bushing or if they just screen
the core bodies as I do for low bushing wear.

Jim Accordino

--- Kevin G <ksg2000 at> wrote:
> My hydraulic pump is making a constant low key
> rumbling which goes away when I spray some lubricant
> near the bearing.  I have been advised to buy a
> rebuilt kit by some and buy a rebuilt pump by
> others.
> The "rebuilt kit" idea doesn't make much sense to me
> as I think the purpose is to fix the seals and my
> pump is not leaking.  The "rebuilt pump" idea is
> pretty expensive and I would like some expert advice
> that these rebuilt pumps include new bearings.  Also
> - any ideas on a good place to purchase a rebuilt
> pump?
> Any help appreciated.
> Kevin
> 89 200 TQ
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