Stripped CV Bolts

Bob Rossato bob.rossato at
Tue May 13 08:14:33 EDT 2003

> Mholme3 at wrote:
> > Does anyone have a proven method of removing badly seized, badly
> > stripped CV bolts from an axle?  I have two rear bolts that seem to
> > be fused to the little coupler piece. Been hitting them with liquid
> > wrench for a few days now and still nothing.  I used vice grips and
> > leverage from the sub frame, along with the tire lug wrench to close
> > them with lots of pressure.  They will not budge.  I need to get this
> > axle replaced ASAP so if anyone has thoughts, I would appreciate it.
> On something in the last couple of years I had to do this.  I cut the
> heads off the un-undoable bolts with a die grinder and cutting wheel.
> After all that stress, the remains of the bolts turned out easily - I
> figure a combination of the vibration working them loose, and no
> pressure on them anymore helped.
> --
> Huw Powell

I've used a drill very successfully as well.  There's already a nice pilot
hole there.  Just go a little bit larger, head comes right off and the
remainder of the bolt can be backed out by hand.


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