CD changer trick for your CGT

qshipaz at qshipaz at
Tue May 13 18:49:03 EDT 2003

Greetings Audinauts,

Just installed the 6 disc changer in the under construction CGT last night.=
 For stealth and maximum space utilization, this can't be beat: I installed=
 below the cubby pocket in the side of the rear seat area. I cut a slot jus=
t big enough for the magazine to slide out of the changer (upwards)- end re=
sult, no loss of trunk or glovebox space, and I'd take photos, but the thin=
g is invisible, seriously. You'd have to stick your forehead into the pocke=
t to see it at all. And if someone wanted to grab it, they'd have to take o=
ut the backseat!
Hope somebody finds this useful...


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