CGT back together running terrible need help

Stpndsmnn at Stpndsmnn at
Wed May 14 00:04:15 EDT 2003


I recently got the head back on the CGT after the broken TT valve spring
incident.  The car was running poorly before I pulled the head and I
attributed that to low compression due to the beat up valve seats and the one
valve that was just kind of sitting there.

Now when I start the car it will fire and run but it sputters and bogs then
dies also reeks of gas.  I have quadruple checked all of the timing including
the ignition timing which is at 0.  The only thing I did notice is that the
distributor is notchy feeling when it comes to one of the Hall windows.
Isn't it supposed to spin freely?  I don't have any fuel leaks and no
noticeable vacuum leaks.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated since I am at the head scratching
point.  This is an '83 CGT with CIS not CIS-e.  It does have the underhood
fuse box however somehow I got lucky there.

Matt Kramer

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