T-belt? Not the problem.

Huw Powell audi at humanspeakers.com
Thu May 15 20:30:21 EDT 2003

>  Car is back in the driveway.
> Due to advise given I grabbed the distributor to pull
> the cap off and the dist is loose. Didn't look like the nut holding the dist
> clamp had come loose, but sure enough I could tighten it. Did the dist jump a
> tooth?

No teeth to jump, really.  But it is very likely to be pointing the
wrong way, ie spark timing could be really, really wrong.

You should still check to see if the rotor is turning when you crank, of
course.  Remove the cap.  See if the rotor turns.

Then put the car at TDC for cyl. #1 (piston all the way up, front two
cam lobes both up - or look at the flywheel marks).  The dist. rotor
should point at a little mark on the housing - that is zero degrees as I

Now (at least if you get it running at some point) you can use a timing
light to get it where it should be.

> I pulled #1 plug and there's no spark. Seems to be getting fuel as
> there's an arroma of fuel from the plug.

No matter how "off" the dist. timing is, it should still spark, at least
on the n/a cars.  I think some of the turbo cars with crank timing pins
might not, though.

Huw Powell



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