[[V6-12v] Re: [Re: [audi20v] 95.5 S6 Keeps Blowing 5Amp Fuse Near ECU]]

Christopher Gharibo cgharibo at usa.net
Thu May 15 21:05:03 EDT 2003

Another incremental progress. According to Bentley, the fuse that is blowing
is a 5amp fuse that belongs to the injectors. It is located in red plastic
housing on position 5 of the "Electronic Box" according to Bentley.

It is on pages X804 and X805 of Volume 3 of Bentley. It corresponds to N30,
N31, N32, N83 and N84.

I'll be trying to find these circuits in the Bentley. I "think" it's safe to
say the ECM is safe and whatever is blowing the injector fuse is what is
keeping the car from starting.

Any help to help me solve this would be EXTREMELY apprecaited. This whole trek
has been very educational for me.


Huw Powell <audi at humanspeakers.com> wrote:
> > If the charger blew the ECU, would the 5amp fuse which is prximal to the
> > still keep blowing.
> >
> > I really think the ECU is still good and there's something else that is
> > blowing the 5 amp fuse which's pre ECU.
> "thinking" the ECU is good is meaningless.  One good way to test it is
> to swap it with a known good one.
> I think you need to back up, and as was suggested, test the circuits
> downwind of that fuse for shorts/extra loads.
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