T-belt? Not the problem.

Padanneo at aol.com Padanneo at aol.com
Thu May 15 22:08:24 EDT 2003

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Hi, still no start.
Spent half the day checking issues. T-belt in fine shape. Turned to TDC rotor
pointing to #1, all good there. Checked coil, no power out of top. Replaced,
still no power out to dist. Funny thing though I was using a continuity
tester to check power and the neg. side of the coil the cold start relay in
the fuse box and fuel pump cycle for 2 secs. So I use a jumper wire to ground
out the neg. side try again, still no spark.
The coil gets its power from the batt. correct? Coil to distribtor to plugs,
Why power to coil(new) and nothing out? Are there resistors?
Thanks again,

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