FINAL PHASE: 95.5 S6 Blowing ECM Fuse

Nate Stuart newt at
Fri May 16 22:41:40 EDT 2003

You tested the wrong thing. You checked for resistance between the pins
when you should have been trying to measure a voltage differential. Set
your multimeter to roughly 20v DC, then check again, with the red(+) lead
on pin 18, if that is what Bentley is calling for. If you get anything
>11volts you're probably good to go.

Was the fuse blown aready when you were testing this?

When you say you checked the pins on the connecter as well, does that mean
you had the ECU connector unplugged while testing the pins on the ecu?

'89 90tq

Christopher Gharibo said:
> Went to Radio Shack and bought a multimeter. This is now personal.
> Peristence
> paid off with the avant's tailgate trim and I am hoping it'll payoff with
> the
> ECM fuse problem as well.
> In Bentley J28-25 (Vol 1), there is a protocol to check voltage supply to
> the
> ECM. It asks to connect LED tester between pin 18 (+) and ground pins 10,
> 14,
> 19 and 24.
> I set my multimeter to Continuity tester mode. I put the red wire on pin
> 18
> and the black wire on 10, 14, 19 and 24 one after another. Basically, 10
> read
> Open and the rest read Short on the multimeter.
> I also tested the same pins on the connector and they all read Open.
> Does the Continuity Mode of the multimeter accomplish the same function as
> the
> LED Tester US 1115 where the LED light turns on with each test?
> Is my ECM toast? If so, what's the best way, get it fixed or replaced?
> Where
> would you recommend I call?
> Thanks in advance everyone!!
> Chris
> So, is the ECM shot.

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