Wont rev above 1500 RPM then coold

Leif Karlsson leif.karlsson at mbox332.swipnet.se
Mon May 19 20:13:41 EDT 2003


Newbee warring I guess. Haven't owned a Audi before, and new to this
list also. I've searched archive a bit, couldn't find anything about my
car's particular problem, but it seems to be the right place to ask.

Brought a not so new car a while a go: Audi Coupe, 90 2.3E (KE III
Jetronic). It has been messed with, probably allot... It's giving me a

It wont get above ~1500 RPM then cold (about 15C outside right now),
sounds like it cuts of the fuel then it gets close. It's not like it's
not responding to engine temp, idle is about 1200 rpm the cold and 800
rpm then warm. It just isn't getting the fuel it needs.

I have adjusted the current to the pressure acurator (was way of, ~18 -
22 mA, warm engine), it's now -2 to 5 or there about, that fixed allot
of bad behavior, but not the problem above. I checked the temp. sensor
on top of the radiator hose flange. It works, (but I don't know if it
works _right_: about 1.78 ohm at ~70C and 0.48 at 90C). I can't find any
obvious leaks (first thing I checked). Ignition plugs, rotor, wires &
cap have ben switched at least twice the last two years (I guess im not
the first one that try's to fix it...).

Good ideas anyone?

Best regards,


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