Wont rev above 1500 RPM then coold

Huw Powell audi at humanspeakers.com
Mon May 19 18:18:48 EDT 2003

>>>I have adjusted the current to the pressure acurator (was way of, ~18 -
>>>22 mA, warm engine), it's now -2 to 5 or there about, that fixed allot
>>>of bad behavior, but not the problem above.
>>It is supposed to *fluctuate* around 10 mA, not sit steady.  If it is
>>steady when warm, your OXS may be bad, or something isn't hooked up right.
> It fluctuates grate. I do get some negative readings however, that's ok?
> It should bee around 0 mA and not 10 mA for my engine, right? KE3 I
> think, inlet manifold in two pieces, doesn't look like yours.

Yes, oops, you're right... brain fade... that's my *other* car.  it
should fluctuate around zero mA, which means goign negative and positive
abou the same amount.  -2 to +5 is going to be fine.

Huw Powell



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