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You should check for blockage at the internal check valve in the oil passage
to the head. It showes up as part # 077-103-175-B on Pictures. And it is
accessable by removing the oil pressure sending unit, reaching a 6mm allen
wrench into the passage, and unscrewing the valve. You can then inspect the
passage for blockage. Incidently, That passage is fed from the supply side
of Main bearing #3, which in turn is supplyed directly from the main oil

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> Basically - the same here.  The filter media imploded and bits of it
> were in the waste oil after the change.  It was a disheartening mess.
> The car STILL ticks longer than it should.  I tried to pass it off as
> vacuum pump but that only solved part of the problem.  I knew it was the
> filter as soon as I heard the engine clamoring.  I am not sure that I
> will ever be happy with the car after this.  I have a telephone number
> to Honeywell that I am going to start calling first thing in the morning
> to voice my opinions.  I hope everyone who has experienced the same or
> are just mad as myself will call it tomorrow and waste some of the
> resources that may go to more hype and ultimately to more damaged
> vehicles.  I believe litigation is futile at best but a good old
> fashioned jammed phone line in a corporate environment gets the message
> across and affects pricing in the end.  If the Fram division is spending
> earnings answering complaints from mad as heck consumers, it has to have
> some effect.  In my theory it works at least.  The number is
> 800-890-2075. Option 2. Option 3.
> The only technical info on the fram site states that oil pressure damage
> ruptures oil filters and even eludes to the idea that the problem is in
> the engine.  Not a flaw with the media.  My filter did not explode
> outwardly - the engine tried to suck the filter media up into the
> engine.  Wonder why they don't give that scenario?  Possibly because
> someone in R&D keyed in the wrong filter in the cross reference manuals
> or the designers neglected to prioritize the anti drainback valve or it
> was just total negligence.  More likely it was a cost savings ploy -
> paper filters are cheap to build and sell well because of the price
> point.  If anyone is interested in a possible class action suit I would
> not snub my nose at the idea.  Like I said before I am not sue happy and
> have never been involved in a lawsuit but after all the aggravation and
> incurred costs I have had to absorb and the fact that this one incident
> took many miles off my car, I would seriously consider it.  Who knows a
> lawyer that will take on a giant such as this?
> Sorry the post is long.
> Ben
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> Wow, so the filter media just came apart?  Unbelievable, I've never seen
> anything like that.  Does Fram make a post oil-filter filter??  ;)
> Javad
> > I noticed when changing the filter that the filter media had collapsed
> and was torn and protruding from the housing. Over the next two weeks I
> noticed increased lifter noise. Then one fatefull day I got the low oil
> pressure warning light accompanied by a sharp increase in lifter noise.
> BTW no oil pressure gage on the '87 CGT (a design flaw soon to be
> remadied).
> > I dismantled the engine and found filter media packed in behind the
> anti-drain check valve in the oil galley to the head. All other passages
> were clear. Final damage assesment; Minimal. But I did source a recently
> worked NG head at a reasonable price. So; in it goes.
> > Steve
> >
> >
> >
> > Can you guys who've had failures explain exactly what
> > happend to the filter=
> > , what appeared to fail, how so, etc.
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Javad

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