Eng. Light only if boost is over 1.0-1.1 bar

Nate Stuart newt at newtsplace.com
Tue May 20 12:13:26 EDT 2003

Did you pull the fault codes? There are several things that can throw a
fault light at a given intake pressure. The intake air temp sensor for
example, will light the check engine light at anything over 0.7 bar if
there is something screwy with it.

Pull the codes after a run where you get the check engine light, before
you shut the car down.

'89 90tq

AUDIJIM at aol.com said:
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> Last night (rather this early morning) I was just about home after a 2 and
> a
> half hour drive from Washington, DC to South Jersey, I started to get a
> check
> engine light only when boost went over 1.0 to 1.1 bar displayed. The car
> ran
> fine other than the light coming on. Any idea's? Would the wastegate freq.
> valve through a light? The light would stay on from 1.0 to 1.1 bar all the
> way up to 1.8-1.9 bar. As soon as I let off the throttle, the light would
> go
> out. I'll trouble shoot during routine maintenance today. Driving back and
> forth between New Jersey and DC put the miles on the car pretty quick. The
> car is a 1987 5000 cs Quattro with MC/1 engine. IA chip and an AAN
> wastegate
> for the adjustable spring. The car has 227,000 miles.
> Jim

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