4ktq cooling shrouds

EBavely veetesse at hotmail.com
Tue May 20 13:52:39 EDT 2003

Hello all...

First off, I'm pleased to announce that the new engine for the 4ktq is doing
just fine and is well under way in break-in stage.  Some of you might recall
the oil pressure problems I had with the first MC engine... I never found
out what exactly the problem was, but swapping in a new block and crank has
seemed to resolve the issue.

Anyway, the 4ktq seems to run a bit warmer than I'd like (runs 1 or 1.5
lines higher than half way on the gauge at the highest, slightly cooler on
the highway) and I'm wondering among other things how important the cooling
shrouds are to the radiator on the 4kq. Are these essential to the cooling
of the engine?

 I have the top plastic shroud, driver's side shroud (between the rad and
the fender) plus a new homemade aluminum engine side shroud  (I've got the
cardboard pattern if anyone wants to copy) installed on the engine.  That
means that the only one I don't have is the very bottom one that connects to
the radiator mounting stud and goes up to the front bumper skin.

I can easily make the bottom piece and install it, but somehow I have a
feeling this won't entirely cure the problem.  Of course, I expect the turbo
to run a bit warmer given the added heat from the turbocharger and the
location of the oil cooler (fairly big Setrab placed in front of the lower
1/4 of the radiator)...  Any ideas?  I did some archive searching and it
seems like the stock 4kq radiator_should_be adequate in this application...


86 4ktq
81 Coupe ITB, 83 CGT
88 80 Fwd
83 GTI FSP, 83 GTI 16V
90 VW Cabriolet

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