How to get oil press gauge in your CGT (5 minutes!)

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Tue May 20 22:20:12 EDT 2003

Yes! I have the three analog gages (and trim) ready to go in. The analog
dash conversion is on my to-do list, but quite aways down. Still I'd like to
know of any tricks or serious problems you encountered doing it.

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> Steve-
> Noticed that you said there's no oil pressure gauge in your Coupe... you
must have a digidash car like mine (was).
> If you have a three-gauge panel from an earlier Coupe (my boneyard charged
$8), relief is five minutes away. Didja know that every Coupe has the same
console harness?
> I can't remember the exact plugs I used down there, but basically, unplug
the digital gauges, and use the disused connectors. They are color coded.
When all the plugs protruding from the gauge cluster are connected to their
mates, you will have a working, OEM Audi, oil temp, pressure, and volts
> Now, if you wish to do what I did and make the main cluster analog, that
will be a bit more involved. (I still don't have a fuel gauge!) but it's
really not too bad...
> Rob
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