better rear brakes

no1of consequence iin10ded at
Thu May 22 21:14:51 EDT 2003

im hoping to minimise the w.o.b. with this..

if you dont like my advice, dont take it. its free, and you get what you pay
for. its the nature of a forum like this. i was trying to be helpful and i
stand by what i said. its the job of the user of the information to validate
and qualify the information he or she chooses to act on. everyone THINKS
theyre right  but clearly not everyone is and as such bad advice or what is
thought to be bad advice can happen. i expect that my advice will be taken
in the context of other information, and the user of the information will
make a determination as to wether or not it is valid or bunk.

i'll be the first to admit i was wrong when my brake lines explode.


1. the 5k weighs about 3500 lbs and is reputed to make over 200 hp modified
as mine was. if you believe the propoganda of the evil audi tuners.
2. i know ferrari uses drilled rotors, i think a few amg benzes have,
probably others.
3. the ate pads ive used make a WHOLE lot more dust and dont SEEM to work as
well [imo/ime] as others = they suck.
4. i menat to say cad palted, not anodized [thanks jav..]
5. i dont hang out with boyracers. im so NOT a fan of the big pink wing.

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