regarding lack of power...slight update

Michael S. Williams mike at
Tue May 27 18:52:24 EDT 2003

At 7:17 PM -0400 5/27/03, Eric wrote:
>>Are you sure on your cam timing?  This can cause backfiring even
>>just a few teeth off.  I suggest the cam because I have done it
>im almost 100% positive i have it completely correct... the little
>hash mark lines up EXACTLY with the top of the gasket for the valve
>cover, the 0 on the flywheel is looks like "(" as it it perfectly
>lined up w/ the marker on the bell housing as the bently states to
>do, and the distributor is spot on.
>now, i did try moving it a tooth counter-clockwise, which should be
>retarding it, correct?  i did not, however, try advancing it a
>tooth... but if i advanced it a tooth, then that would put the mark
>on the cam gear way further down compared to where it is supposed to
>i guess i could try advancing it a tooth and see if that helps at
>all... i'll go do that now, and report back..

ok... reporting back... i advanced it a tooth (well, turned it
clockwise), from the position where i said that everything lined
up... it started harder, and the idle is even worse... but, the
backfiring stopped...

took it out for a short drive... same issue... as soon as boost hits
full, the power starts cutting way back... it felt slightly faster
than last time, but that was probably just a function of the timing
being so advanced... im gonna put the cam back to the previous

i forgot to mention in the first message that someone suggested a
vacuum leak, but when i did the oil cap test, the car immediately
died... so it doesnt appear that there is a major vacuum leak that is
happening, and i dont think that a vacuum leak would cause the power

one thing that i DID notice, however, was that there was a slight
<pfft> if i went from boost to closed throttle... so, that would
indicate that there is a hole in some part of the intake plumbing...
but if that were true, then wouldnt that register as a vacuum leak?
once thecar cools down... or maybe justtomorrow, i'll undo the intake
plumbing and see what's going on... i didnt notice this sound before,
though... so it might be something that i JUST did during my last
adjustment session (i did take off the intake plenum)

btw, im bcc'ing this to the urq list, cause this is some new info
that they havent seen...

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