regarding lack of power...slight update pt. 2

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Wed May 28 02:00:38 EDT 2003

Well, yes, not having the CO set properly will cause all kinds of running problems, you can buy a multi-meter for $30, its a good idea just to ensure that its set properly, kind of one of those things you have to do with CIS.


> At 12:34 AM -0400 5/28/03, JShadzi at wrote:
> >Mike, you really should set the CO, the plug is removeable, just
> >drill a small hole into it, like 1/16", but not all the way through,
> >and then thread a sheet metal screw into it, and pull it out with
> >some pliers.  From there you should be able to check the CO and get
> >it set per the Benltly, or at least check to see if its in range.
> >Also, have you tried running any codes off the ECU?
> >
> ok, i'll drill it tomorrow...
> dont have a multimeter though... would a bad adjustment on the CO
> cause the problems im experiencing?
> yeah, ive run input and output codes... no problems on either one...
> so, according to the computer,everything is kosher...
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