Parking garage and car alarms.

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Wed May 28 16:39:21 EDT 2003

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He He... A second gear 'blat' with my Modified induction, and currently
rotted silencer has been known to set alarms off... Strangely enough my 18
month old daughter can always tell when im on my way home!!!!
So why did audi stop production of what has to be one of their best engines?
Granted the 10v doesn't make a great deal of power.  But explain this. Even
with Quattro sapping up power, how can I keep up with 2l 16v fwd cars with
20 hp more??? He he.......

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Alan Pritchard,
Network administrator.

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> Jim:
> That's funny, but I actually live in a complex with
> a 44 car
> parking garage.
> My moms auto 86 5000S our 200's and anything I-5
> would set
> them (car alarms) off Stock.
> They (I-5's) seem to have a deep resonance which
> even in the
> country I could tell when the parents were home when
> they
> slowed down on the street to turn into the driveway.
> The guy with the 328 Conv BMW is the easiest to set
> off. He he
> -Scott in BOSTON

Yea, they're unique for sure, my parents and friends
say they always know it's me coming down the street,
even when I'm going slow and the exhaust is quiet.

Jim Green
'89 90tq

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