list go down, list go up

Chuck Pierce cpcycle at
Thu May 29 21:08:39 EDT 2003


Thanks for the efforts. Thought  there must be a problem with something,
as there was no list traffic.

Chuck Pierce
91 200tq 20v Very slowly getting sorted out

Brett Dikeman wrote:

> At 4:19 PM -0400 5/29/03, Casting Fool wrote:
>> [Posted this last night about 9:59 EST, but didn't see it post.
>> Tried again
>> today at 11:26 AM EST, but no post.  I'll try again, then hold off
>> for a day
>> or so...]
> There was a routing issue(far as I know, outside of our host's
> control) last night that made Audifans unreachable, and then we had
> an unrelated problem(when it rains it pours) with the list management
> software that wasn't noticed until this morning; unfortunately, I had
> to remove all the queued messages to the list to get the list
> software running again, so there's a nice big hole- first time Dan or
> I have had to do so in the 3(ish) years we've been running Mailman.
> Oh well.  Sorry folks!
> If a post you have sent to the list(s) hasn't shown up by now, it's
> never going to show up :-) it's probably safe to repost.
> Brett "Not Listmaster" Dikeman
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> ----
> "They that give up essential liberty to obtain temporary
> safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Ben Franklin

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