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The Samco silicone boost hoses for your UrS can be purchased
from Tom at Euro Car Service ( as well
as Anderson Motorsport, 2Bennett and a few other places. Yes, the
cost is nearly the same for Samco vs. OEM. Make sure you get some
good, heavy-duty hose clamps for the Samcos, otherwise you might
experience problems with them coming off and installation can really
be a PITA.

As for your second question, in order to install Lucas/Girling HP-2
brakes on your UrS, you'll need the strut assemblies from a Euro UrS,
post-'93. From what I know, it is not a simple "bolt on the calipers
and rotors and go" type job, much more like the UFO to G60 conversion
on the type44s.


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Since my urS4 has a new 6speed trans and MTM 3bar ecu it has occoured to
me that new boost hoses might be in order. 124k on the oem's make me
wary of their remaining life. Can anyone point me to a source for a set
of silicone hoses? ISTR that oem replacements cost about the same as the
upgrades but rerely last more than 60k on modded cars.

On another note. What is required to install later version S4 front
brakes in place of the ur's G60's. I have the calipers and carriers from
a 2002 S4  and understand that this was the setup in europe. Can I
simply replace the strut housings with the euro type? Are there other

Thanks in advance

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