[Sockets] - easy remedy

Randall Paquette qpilot at netscape.net
Thu Nov 20 12:05:17 EST 2003

I use a little strip of self-adhesive velcro (the loop side) on the side of
the plugs and they stay in quite well.

William Magliocco <magliocc at rocketmail.com> wrote:
> Oh no, not a cigar lighter thread! (shades of T'sen).
> Anyhow, the observer is correct that the german
> lighters are more stout than the 'murrican ones.  
> I'm not a smoker, but the differences in size do
> affect the various plugs (usually US or Far Eastern
> Mfr.) that I use to get +12 volts for my portable CD
> player, scanners and ham rigs.  The o.d. of the cigar
> lighter plugs at "the shack" are too small to
> accomodate the i.d. of the German sockets.  The plugs
> rattle around and give intermittent contact.  
> However, the problems I encounter also occurred with a
> US built VW Golf.  
> Wonder what Euro sized plugs cost-$20 a pop?
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