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Thu Nov 20 12:05:17 EST 2003

part number N 016 158 1

AM8x1  (A:   z.B. Gewinde annähernd bis Kopf)
CuZn: Kupfer-Zinc (Messing)
C350: Glanzverzinkt, gelblich chromatiert


Jouko Haapanen
St. George, ON

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> Also... I noticed my radiator bleeder screw was seeping coolant.  So I
> tightened it just a bit... to find out it's stripped! And now doing a
> bit more than seeping.  Is there an easy/cheap/workable fix for this?
> (I'm not changing the radiator until I've tried EVERYTHING!) Also, I
> just noticed my '83 doesn't have a bleeder screw... and it looks like
> the original radiator!

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