wannabe calloway turbo kit?

Michael Gough mdg3369 at altavista.com
Thu Nov 20 12:05:17 EST 2003

Yes I am doing this. It is 10:30 at night right now though and I'm too tired to explain it. I will email the list all the details tomorrow.

> someone said they were fabricating a such kit for the JT engine
> using  parts from an early 5kt diesel turbo and such...
> any more info on this?
> how about and early 5kt gas turbo and manifold?
> i'm really thinking about this...
> want to get some more out of my 8.5:1 CR....
> 6 psi should hurt? ;) or would it?
> of course i would need an oil cooler and such...
> would like to collect the parts needed...
> and what kind of kits have we come up with for extra fuel for the boost?
> everyone talks of ways it  has been done...
> TIA!
> rich
> '86 4kq (x2)

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