Problem in 5 cylinder, CIS-E experts?

Michael Gough mdg3369 at
Thu Nov 20 12:05:17 EST 2003

It's a Quantum Syncro, same as the 4kq. I replaced the fuel filter, I don't think it's the pump because after it warms up a little it works. It is intermittent too, sometimes it will start fine others it will do the funky thing. I think it might be the temp whatever thing you mentioned. It always starts when warm. Can you tell me where the temp switch is so I can replace it? Is it the thermo time switch on the back of the head or is that only for the CSI?

> I think ( not for sure) it's in the fuel distrib. right where the line ( main line from the pump)
>  enters the fuel distrib.
> Try searching the list recent archives as it was just mentioned in some detail in the last
> month or so. 
> What car is this?  I can check with the manuals I've got. ( including the Bently and Bosch
> CIS maint manuals) on problem symptoms.
> Did this just start happing or has it been in decline?
> Have you changed the filter lately? ( I recently had a new fuel tank installed in the wife's
> truck and the first load of fuel plugged the filter. It was like you hit a switch [off] at anything
> above an idle.)
> Does the performance ever get better hot vs cold ( warmup regulators can REALLY mess
> with CIS control pressures) 
> A bad temp sensor can affect hot/cold start valve actuation too.
> Usually a poor off-idle problem in CIS is lean ( no fuel) condition. 

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