diversity antenna reception?

Marc Swanson mswanson at sonitrol.net
Thu Nov 20 12:05:17 EST 2003

> Hi marc, when I put mine in on the '89 90 quattro I think that the rear
> antenna is the one in use, remember it has an amplifier which you can wire
> to the remote on the headunit,

ooh, ooh!  I don't think I noticed the antenna amplifier wire.  Looks
like I'll need to check the wiring diagram to see what I missed.....

I assume the wire is connected to the back of the stock radio as opposed
to being powered in a roundabout way via the rear speakers?

> also the standard speakers on mine were dire
> and I couldn't produce an audible clear level of sound.

that's not a problem, the rest of my sound system is all set (new 5.25"
speakers w/amplifier mounted under the passenger seat).  I get great
sound when I play CDs, just terrible audio over the radio...

Thanks for the info!

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